"Trusting pipers benefit from this guide and keep improving, thinking, listening perceptively, and enjoying their Art."

The late William Anderson Robertson, 31 January 1932 - 25 June 2020

This website is the legacy of the late Pipe Major Bill (Robbie) Robertson who was dedicated to the piping community, world-wide. It is an attempt to continue with his 77 years of passionate commitment to teaching the art of playing the bagpipes.

Being dedicated to teaching the art of playing the bagpipes, Bill produced an abundance of materials to help his students with their piping. Bill was the first bagpipe instructor to combine written text, audio and video into bagpipe lessons.

This culminated in Bill compiling three bagpipe tutorials:

  • Beginners Bagpipe Tutorial.
  • Advanced Bagpipe Tutorial.
  • An Introduction to Piobaireachd Technique Tutorial.

This website is a project whose purpose is to preserve Bill's piping heritage and to offer the above three courses to all who wish to learn and improve their piping ability.

Pipe Major Bill Robertson's Piobaireachd Authority

Bill seldom competed in solo piping events and when he did he his true ability on the pipes came to the fore.

He won the Comunn Na Piobaireachd New Zealand Gold Medal in 1962 and the Australian Open March, Strathspey and Reel competition held in Sydney in 1967.