March - Colonel Robertson

AUDIO - Colonel Robertson Extract

This is a quick march in 6/8 compound time; two beats to the bar. The pulse rhythm of 1—2, 3- is similar to the previous slow air. Remember proper relative duration on the longer and shorter notes, consistently. Some pipers tend to neglect the upbeat value and become too jerky in rhythm. As mentioned earlier think of this tune and most tunes in little each two bar phrases to assist with memorization and understanding. The tune below is the two parted version. Take it and the extracts very slowly at first, almost as a slow air, remembering the compound 1--2, 3- basic pulse rhythm. Please note the “Second Time” substitute four bars the different fourth bar last starting note, second part repeat.

With many tachum movements in this one, make sure the tachums are executed correctly. Remember in tachums (in 6/8s only half tachum on upbeats) and oublings high “G” grace note is almost always first.

AUDIO - Colonel Robertson Tune

The extract and tune notation can be downloaded/viewed from the below link:

Download the music notation from this link.

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